Public Health Committees

Public Health Committees (PHCs) were formed with the purpose of spreading awareness of different public health issues in the community. SLU Lions club currently has a PHC for malnutrition and obesity, behavior and mental health, and environment.

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Malnutrition and Obesity (Looking for a Director)
People in the St. Louis community and around the world suffer from malnutrition due to the lack of access of resources. This PHC focuses on spreading awareness of the causes and effects of malnutrition and its prevalence in the areas around us. Additionally, obesity is a rapidly growing problem in the US. This PHC aims to spread awareness of the causes of obesity and its potential health effects, in the hopes that the education it provides will encourage initiatives focused on becoming a healthier community.

Behavioral and Mental Health (Looking for a Director)
This PHC works with local organizations to raise awareness about mental health and volunteer with organizations that support people with disabilities. Throughout the year, there will be service events such as Special Olympics and opportunities to collaborate with other organizations like SLU Beyond Abilities.

Environmental (Looking for a Director)
The Environmental PHC works with informing the community of modern environmental concerns. Also, this PHC will most likely be helping the community carry out eco-friendly projects. Community projects may include the Sustainable Land Lab project, the Greenhouse Initiative, and local urban gardens.