2/3 Update!

Don’t forget that our next meeting on Wednesday, February 7th at 7:30pm in Morrissey Hall Room 0400 is MANDATORY for all members! We will have a special guest, the District Governor of Lions, visiting. We also have an interactive activity and FREE food!

If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, we will have them available at the meeting! You can pay by bringing $15 or venmo us!

ALSO, don’t forget that we have Hunger Banquet, one of the Lions’ events that we host and run, on Thursday, February 8th at 7pm in Pere Marquette! Come for FREE food, education, community, and dialogue!


1/24th 1st GBM of Spring 2018!

Welcome back Lions! We are glad to have y’all back and to also have new faces this semester! Get ready for a semester full of vision screenings, fundraisers, Hunger Banquet, our St. Louis Public Health Fair, socials, speakers, fun activities, and more!

Visit the service tabs for new service opportunities and check out the tabs for our special events!


12/5 Have a great finals week and winter break!

Good luck on all the projects, tests, quizzes, papers, finals, and craziness headed y’all’s way! We just have a few updates for y’all:

Remember to turn in both your dues and forms in order to be added to SLU Groups!

Don’t forget to log your service hours by December 16th! You need at least 10 in club approved hours, 15 hours total!

Service opportunities:
Supper with Santa at the Missouri Botanical Gardens
LifeBridge Partnership at the St. Louis Zoo
Collect donations for the homeless @  SLUnatics Tailgate


Welcome Lions! Our website is back up and running so feel free to explore the tabs to check out what we’re doing! We will be updating this site as frequently as possible with service opportunities, applications, meeting slides, event dates, and more!

Make sure to come to our next general body meeting on Wednesday, November 8th at 7:30pm in Morrissey Hall Room 0400! We will have FREE QUESADILLAS!

9/20 2nd General Body Meeting

Thanks for all those who came out to our 2nd General Body Meeting! Hope y’all got to learn more about and sign up for all of our Public Health Committees! All the service opportunities, the Public Health Fair Task Force application, Social event info, and the meeting’s slides are now up on the site!

Dues are $20 and due at the next meeting on October 11th!


We just had our 1st General Body Meeting on Wednesday, September 6th and had a great turnout of old and new members! Thanks to Lion Teddi, Lion Becky, and Lion George for visiting and sharing some really great service opportunities! The sign-ups for all the continuous and one time service opportunities are available now on this website as well as the applications for PHC Directors and the Public Health Fair Task Force!

We just updated our website so feel free to explore the tabs to get connected to cool and fun opportunities!


Director Elections

Hey Lions,

Elections are finally over. Our new Directors for 2017-2018 are as follows:

Director of Public Health Committees – Sravani Sagireddy

Director of Vision Screenings & Service – Neal Modi

Director of Philanthropy – Matthew Roark

Director of Public Health Fair – Emily Schepker

Since elections are now over, the old and new Executive board will be working together for a smooth transition. Thank you everyone who applied and congratulations to our new E-board.


Hey Lions,

So at the last meeting, we finished elections for the President and VP positions. The results are:

President – Lohitha Guntupalli

VP of Operations – Corey Crecelius

VP of Communications – Arielle Melliza

VP of Finance – Lakshmi Kanikkannan

VP of Fundraising – Theron Poe

VP of Enrichment – Olivia Poppen

VP of Membership – Jacob Marty

Congratulations to the new Executive Board. The elections for Director positions will continue at the next meeting on February 23rd so be sure to attend!

First meeting of 2017

Already into our second week at SLU, our first Lions meeting of the semester will be happening tomorrow, January 26th in Morrissey 0400 beginning at 7:30PM. Be sure to come by as we discuss all the new events and dates coming up for the new semester.

In addition, for those of you who are applying for the 2017-2018 Executive Board position, those applications are due at tomorrow’s meeting. Be sure to email Solis or the Lions account if you do have any questions or concerns. For anyone with additional non-election related concerns or questions, also feel free to email the Lions account.

See you all tomorrow!