Mission & Purpose

In April 2015, Saint Louis University Lions Club, with the help of the College for Public Health and Social Justice and other like-minded campus organizations, put on the first St. Louis Public Health Fair to promote the health and wellbeing of those on our campus and in our city.  Due to its great success, the Public Health Fair will be implemented annually during National Public Health Week in April. The Fair is designed with the following goals in mind.

Mission: To promote health within Saint Louis University and St. Louis City.


  1. To educate target populations in healthy living and promote healthy lifestyles and interventions.
  2. To raise awareness to health issues and discrepancies in our community and communities abroad.
  3. To offer an avenue for organizations within our community to promote their causes and give their issues proper consideration.
  4. To create a community-wide event that will prove to be sustainable from year to year and offer an avenue of collaboration for all those dedicated to public health