Director Elections

Hey Lions,

Elections are finally over. Our new Directors for 2017-2018 are as follows:

Director of Public Health Committees – Sravani Sagireddy

Director of Vision Screenings & Service – Neal Modi

Director of Philanthropy – Matthew Roark

Director of Public Health Fair – Emily Schepker

Since elections are now over, the old and new Executive board will be working together for a smooth transition. Thank you everyone who applied and congratulations to our new E-board.


Hey Lions,

So at the last meeting, we finished elections for the President and VP positions. The results are:

President – Lohitha Guntupalli

VP of Operations – Corey Crecelius

VP of Communications – Arielle Melliza

VP of Finance – Lakshmi Kanikkannan

VP of Fundraising – Theron Poe

VP of Enrichment – Olivia Poppen

VP of Membership – Jacob Marty

Congratulations to the new Executive Board. The elections for Director positions will continue at the next meeting on February 23rd so be sure to attend!