SLUstainability Month

Hey Lions,

If you haven’t heard already, this month is SLUstainability Month and that means focusing on becoming a green campus!

For this month, SLUstainability has a lot of events and ideas for you to follow.

First is Food and Waste Week from October 21-31.

During the week, try to adopt one food or waste action through the “Do One Thing”(DOT) campaign. Post your DOT on social media using the #SLUgreen2016 hashtag. Click here to view a list of items or try to adopt one of these ideas for this week:
Ask for a smaller portion at the buffet line at the dining halls
Try eating vegetarian for one day during the week (Think Meatless Monday)
Make the commitment to not buy bottled water

In addition, SLUstainability is having a “Just Eat It!” film screening. Just Eat It is a 74-minute award winning documentary film about food waste and food rescue. This documentary highlights how we in the developed world waste an astonishing 40% of produced food. Follow Jen and Grant on their journey as they eat from recovered food over a 6 month period. The event will be at the Busch Student Center St. Louis Room (3rd Floor) on October 27 at 8pm.

To see all the events SLUstainability is holding, click here.

Don’t forget to check out their website at

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